One Step Closer

This week 3 words resonated throughout the Branding Design lecture, confidence, experience and observation. Building confidence through repetition and not being afraid to go beyond your limits; increasing your experience by being willing to test what you are doing and to try something completely different outside your comfort zone, such as using different tools and mediums; being observable of what is going around you, building a library of objects that you find interesting and that interest you.

This lecture geared us towards the creation of our logo for the assignment. As I said earlier being confident is only achievable through repetition and inspiration comes from the elements around you. Quantity is key in building ideas, in fact we were given a sheet with 20 thumbnails in order to draw images that consisted only of circles. Each thumbnail was only to take 15sec (give or take). The end result (for me at least) was a few empty thumbnails with fairly decent images. The purpose of this task was for us to be confident in the sketches we drew within the short time span and to use our surroundings for inspiration. Lesson well learnt!!

What I’m beginning to realise is that in design there is no such thing as a mistake (in a way) until reaching the end result. It is a process that where anything is possible as long as you set your mind to it. I’ve always wanted to nurture the creative element within me, so I guess this is definitely going to help me. Our next task for the next lecture is to come up with 20 different sketches of a logo for a brand of our choice in relation to the assignment. Having no artistic background and the closest I’ve ever come to a sketch was a couple of doodles and stick men, for me this is going to be challenging. I do have 2 brand ideas which need some refinement, however I need to let loose from my rudimentary thinking and explore different approaches for both ideas.

We also had a refresher on the very first lecture we had, which was on the elements and principles of design – and how one must use the principles to manipulate the elements. We viewed an example of a branding guideline for our assignment which was very helpful as I now have a clear understanding on the approach I will be taking.

Quoting my friend “style comes after substance and form is the result of function”, the mantra that I will adopt during my assignment.


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